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Founded by
Mike “JKat54” Bentley
  The Splunk Cribl Doctor™

Cribl expert Michael Bentley is the founder of

Winner of the Splunk Revolution Award for Ecosystem ¹, and six (6) time Splunk Trust MVP²

Founded in 2022, Criblable is a full-service Cribl sales, training, recruiting, and services firm. The Criblable team’s spirit is rooted in the core belief that anyone can learn Cribl! Our goal is to cultivate a community that turns “newbies” of the Cribl platform into the “GOATs” (Greatest Of All Time) that Cribl jobs demand.

The Criblable team believes getting everyone into observability is imperative to vastly improve their lives. That’s because we know the income level that is afforded to those that do know this latest big trend in Information Technology. Our Cribl courses and training allows our students to obtain high levels of expertise and gain the confidence needed to succeed.

Beyond that, our team’s expertise on both the Splunk and Cribl software platforms and our dedication to supporting the continued education of our community, allow us to provide the highest quality candidates to Cribl employers nationwide.

Criblable is who you want on your team. We are here to help. Whether you want to become a highly-skilled Cribl professional or are a company looking to hire one, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks for joining our community, and welcome to Criblable!